Monday, 10 January 2011

New Shoes

All being well, these are the shoes that I will run the marathon in. It's a bit sad, but when I first thought of that it made me a bit emotional. These are an updated version of the trainers that I have been running in for a couple of years, so I know that they suit me. I also managed to find them in the sale, so that is a bonus. Thank you Sweatshop for having the elusive 7.5!
In other news I have been pushing on with the training plan. I actually ran more than I meant to this week, as I ran with a group of people on Saturday, and the loop that we thought was going to be 6 miles actually turned out more like 8.
Best run: 8 miles in Richmond Park on Saturday with Rich, Daisy, Adam and Gemma. Bit hilly, but so much nicer running with other people due to the chat, and it got us all out there in the first place without being able to wimp out.
Worst run: 8 miles to Waterloo Bridge and back in the pouring rain. It wasn't raining when I left. By 2 miles in I had to abandon my iPod as the headphones were being washed out of my ears. Vans on the Embankment kept soaking me. It wasn't at all fun, but I kept on trucking and at least it felt good at the end.

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  1. As we all know, any new shoes are good new shoes