Friday, 18 February 2011

The Big Champage Prize

As I mentioned last week, Berry Bros. & Rudd were kind enough to give us a huge bottle of champagne. That is it there next to a normal size bottle, to show the scale. Rather than raffle it in the conventional way we have decided to run a competition. Everyone guesses how long it is going to take me to run the marathon, and the person closest to the actual time wins. £5 an entry, so let me know if you want to take part.

Best run: 15.5 miles running the second half of the marathon route (plus a bit extra). This was recommended by a friend, and I'm glad I did it. Canary Wharf looked terribly far away as I ran over Tower Bridge (which made me a little emotional - I'm a sap!). But then you can't see it for ages, and then it is right there.

Worst run: Is it bad to say I didn't have a bad run this week?

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