Thursday, 3 February 2011

VLM 'Meet the Experts'

One of the things the Marathon organisers put on is a 'Meet the Experts' day, for Gold Bond runners. Presumably a lot of Gold Bond runners are running a marathon for the first time, and so they need some help.

For some reason this year's event had a Harry Potter theme, including an appearance from Hedwig the owl.

There were a variety of speakers, covering nutrition, apparel, fundraising etc. There was also a really useful description of how the start and the finish operate, and the best way to get there, and what to expect.
The organiser, Dave Bedford, is know for being a bit of a character. I missed the beginning of his presentation, so I'm not sure why he was in drag, but he was very funny.
The best presentation was Liz and Martin Yelling, who spoke about training. It's pretty difficult to tailor a talk about training to so many different people, but they managed to make it interesting, with some funny moments.

Best run and worst run: track session with the Serpentine running club. This was really tough - 5 sets of 800m at 5k pace with two minute recoveries. It was killer as we did it, but felt good when we finished!

Do feel free to leave a comment, particularly if you have any questions, and I will do my best to answer them. It would be nice to know if anyone other than my mother is reading!

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